baekhyun: mocks taos korean
baekhyun: needs taos help to pronounce his chinese name

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"i feel like the reason most people think danger is icky is because of the possessive lyrics and the tone the song is sung in- it can be perceived as the boy's side of an abusive (emotionally or physically, or both) relationship. i personally don't think it's that bad, there's a lot worse songs, but it can still bother people who've had to go through stuff like that! ok, i'm done, thank u for listening"


Reading the lyrics though, it doesn’t seem possessive nor abusive. The only thing I can think of is the ‘you’re in danger’ with the tone of the song. Which isn’t the best way to describe the situation, sure, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t saying “I’m going to hurt you! Grr!” The song just seems like a relationship that’s going down the drain with one person trying to communicate with their significant other who isn’t giving them the chance to.

Thank you for taking the time to explain how the other side feels. c: